This is the worst drought Texas has encoutered since the 1950’s and the extremely dry conditions aren’t making things any easier for firefighters and state officials to get the Bastrop Wildfire under control.

The fires started in Bastrop on Sunday and as of Monday night they still haven’t been contained. Over 500 homes have gone up in flames and 5,000 people have been evacuated. It has been reported that the fires are no where near under control, and the urgency of this threat even forced Governor Rick Perry to have to cut his campaigning trip in California short to return to Texas.

Local 2 News Reporter Ryan Korsguard reported live on the outskirts, of the 25,000 burning acres of land on Monday, interviewing Bastrop residents who in turn were doing whatever they could to salvage their homes and their livestock.  One woman even stood in her backyard spraying her waterhose in defense.

The fires are only 30 miles outside of Austin and it has been reported that you can see the smoke clouds from inside the city.

There are only around 10,000 residents in Bastrop; however, so many of them have already lost everything.  I just hope they can soon contain the outbreak and even sooner kill it completely to spare the people that may still have a home.

Every day people take their lives for granted never thinking a tragic event could consume their last moments.  It’s a horrible thought to have to ask yourself what’s more important to me and what can I afford to leave behind, and I’m devastated these individuals had to experience this.

Please keep everyone in your prayers….


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