Around 10:30am Marshall Middle School was evacuated due to a possible gas leak. Beamount Fire Captain, Earl White, says the leak of carbon monoxide possible came from a boiler. Beaumont Fire-Rescue Captain Earl White told 12News that the campus was evacuated due to a possible leak of carbon monoxide.  The leak is believed to have come […]

This is the worst drought Texas has encoutered since the 1950’s and the extremely dry conditions aren’t making things any easier for firefighters and state officials to get the Bastrop Wildfire under control. The fires started in Bastrop on Sunday and as of Monday night they still haven’t been contained. Over 500 homes have gone […]


Haitian born Wyclef Jean said in a press conference on Monday that the country's capital of Port-Au-Prince needs to be evacuated. Wyclef says the capital is a "morgue", which he witnessed first hand during his visit to Haiti.