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(Mashable) — The discontinued HP TouchPad continues its liquidation at fire sale prices, and the frantic search for the defunct tablet at that elusive $99.99 price was one of the trending topics on Twitter yesterday.

Use this link to search Twitter for the latest info, or use the Twitter hashtag #HPTouchpad to get pricing and locations where the TouchPad might be available.

Another good place to keep tabs on the HP TouchPad is, where a Wiki Community Board shows you where you might be able to find a bargain. It’s a quickly changing situation, so you might want to check back often to see if there are any changes.

Alas, according to, many of the possibilities have already been exploited, with the following stores shown as sold out:

* Office Max [] (Sold Out)

* HP Home & Office — 16 GB [] (Sold Out)

* HP Home & Office — 32 GB (Sold Out)

* PC Richard (Sold Out)

* Target (Sold Out)

* Sam’s Club (Sold Out)

* Office Depot (Sold Out) (apply 942099541 for free $15 giftcard for lunch. Good for subway/panera bread/burger king)

* Walmart (Sold Out for online shipping, choose your local store to see if it’s available for instore pickup)

* MicroCenter — 16 GB(Sold Out) — Orders which were confirmed by email are being followed by cancellation emails, even in cases of ordering only 1.

* MicroCenter — 32 GB(Sold Out)

* Fry’s (Sold Out)

* J&R (Sold Out)


* Best Buy Canada (Sold Out)

* FutureShop (owned by BBY) (Sold Out)

You’ll find a lot more info and tips at Another tip: Have a live chat with other bargain hunters about availabilities and pricing of the TouchPad at

Yet another tip: Best Buy won’t be selling the TouchPad in the U.S., but is offering a full refund for those who bought the TouchPad on a 60-day policy.

Early adopters who bought the HP TouchPad at near-retail prices will be happy to know that according to WebOS Roundup, HP has agreed to refund the difference between what they paid and these ultra-low fire-sale prices.

Let us know in the comments if you’ve had any luck finding available TouchPads at deep discounts.

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