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Captain America:The First Avenger hits the big screen today, and its unmistakable theme of American patriotism will leave audiences feeling country strong .   Adapted from Marvel Comics, the film tracks the origins of America’s first super soldier Steve Rogers, once a sickly weakling, but thanks to a healthy dose of government “super serum” is enhanced to peak physical perfection.  As Captain America, the government commissions him to battle some nasty Nazi baddies during World War II.  While Captain America is certainly one of the most patriotic of superheroes, the comic book world has expanded to include other foreign super powered do-gooders who rep their countries just as proudly.  The Urban Daily has rounded up five of the most intriguing international superheroes who show that patriotism isn’t just limited to the red, white, and blue.


Real Name: Brian Braddock

COUNTRY: The United Kingdom

Powers/Abilities: The ability to absorb extradimensional energy. His costume grants him super human strength, speed, endurance, flight and a personal force field.

History: Brian Braddock is the older twin brother of Elizabeth Braddock (aka X-Men’s Psylocke). Unknown to his children, their father was actually a native to Otherworld. As a young adult, Brian was almost killed by The Reaver, by being run off the road on his motorbike. Seriously injured, he had a version of Merlin who asked him to choose one of the magical ojbects before him; the amulet of right or the sword of might. Braddock chose the amulet and was granted mystical energy that turned him into a costumed champion, Captain Britain. Braddock has fought crime and injustice in the U.K. for some time, battling against enemies such as Hurricane, The Red Skull, and working alongside STRIKE, Nick Fury, and Captain America.


REAL NAME:Andrade da Silva Santos


Powers/Abilities: Super strength, able to fly

History: Andrade and Henrique Santos were the sons of a politician in a small city north of Brazil. When their father was killed for his political beliefs, the brothers sought justice disguised as costumed avengers–Henrique as Brasil and and his brother Andrade as Vingador Brasileiro. When Henrique died battling criminals, Andrade became the new Brasil.


Real Name:Tom Evans


Powers/Abilities: Super strength, super speed

History: In the not too distant future, Canada has become one of the world’s super powers. During a camping trip, young Tom Evans encountered extraterrestials and hit by ray beams that made him twice as strong and fast as he was before. The Canadian government decided to capitalize on Tom’s abilities, creating a costume and code name for him: Captain Canuck. When his brother Mike was crippled after taking a bullet meant for Tom, Captain Canuck dedicated himself to making the world safe from terrorists such as the ones who had left his brother in a wheelchair.


Real Name: Dan Bar-On

Country: Israel

Powers/Abilities: Can shoot radioactive rays from his eyes, flight, magnetic force fields, teleportation.

History: The superagency of Israel implanted atomic rods in the chest of 28 super agents, granting each of them super powers. The 18th agent, Dan Bar-On, a former police officer, was a holocaust survivor. When his rod was implanted, the powers were unleashed causing the lab to explode. Named Sabraman, he fought villains such as Nazi scientist Dr. Mengele, becoming a hero of Israel.

Black Panther and Storm

Real Names: T’Challa and Ororo Monroe

Country: Currently reigning King and Queen of Wakanda

Powers/Abilities: Black Panther is a trained gymnast and acrobat, showing mastery in several forms of African martial arts, skilled hunter and tracker.  Storm has total immunity to extreme weather conditions and temperatures of heat and cold. Psionic ability to control all forms of weather over vast areas.

History: Black Panther and Storm are a match made in comic book heaven. Both characters hold historical significance: Black Panther was the first black superhero in mainstream American comics and Storm was the first black female superhero to play either a major or supporting role by both Marvel and DC comics. Yes, Wakanda may be a fictional country, but Black Panther and Storm have always represented themselves, and their African heritage with pride and dignity.

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