You ever walk in a room and forget why you went in there? I know that’s happened to you lmbo! Well, Jamie Foxx is on the set of Chelsea Lately and forgets why he’s there hehe!

If/when you watch the news broadcast these days it seems that you can anticipate saddening instances being discussed in your community. The local robbing, stabbings, murders, and incidents of child abuse become apart of the daily rhetoric. But, every now and then you have those occasions where a good samaritan does something nice or helpful […]

Do you have a friend that likes to ask senseless things? You look at them and you don’t know if you should laugh at em’ or suggest some schooling? I.e. ‘If I want a $100.00 gift card how much I gotta pay like $20.00?’ Help em’ Lord! This article via shows that some people […]

Fans of the show “In Living Color”, strongly anticipate its return to television. The wildly-hilarious and colorful show had viewers in stitches with original, fresh writing and animated characters. We are sad to learn that creator, Keenen Ivory Wayans reveals the show will not in fact make a return to the tube. Read more

(New York, NY)  —  The original Green Lantern, Alan Scott, is reintroduced today by DC Comics as an openly-gay superhero.  The second issue of DC’s “Earth 2” series is out today.  In it, readers will find the Green Lantern living in a parallel world where his day job is media mogul.  “Earth 2” writer James […]

After $9 million + views of the hilarious video “Sh*t Black Girls Say,” Houston native, Comedian Billy Sorrells has teamed up with BET for a webseries “Press Play!!” Check out the first episode!!! Source

SuperNews! is a cartoon comedy series where they push the envelope of everyday life and put a comedic spin on it with funny animated characters. It blasts everything from politics and cable news, to hipsters, TMZ to Google.  It’s interesting.  :)

Batman fans, the wait is over!  Warner Bros. Pictures has finally released their first official trailer for the highly anticipated The Dark Knight Rises. Sadly, this will be director Christopher Nolan’s epic conclusion to the Batman trilogy.  Industry rumor suggests that the studio may decide to reboot the franchise. While there isn’t a confirmed synopsis, […]

(Undated)  —  Spider-Man will praise a firefighter and Blondie and Dagwood will salute the American flag.  It’s part of the way comic strips in newspapers will mark the tenth anniversary of the 9-11 terror attacks.  Some 93 comic strips will be devoted to remembrances in the Sunday, September 11th editions of newspapers across the U.S.  […]

Read Aziz Ansari’s Watch the Throne Comics Aziz Ansari admits he may be a little bored sometimes and as a result of that he’s making his own comics surrounding lyrics from Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Watch The Throne. Read more

On Aug 1, Mac was admitted to a hospital at Northwestern Memorial hospital with pneumonia said his rep, adding that he was expected to recover, despite widespread rumors about the seriousness of his condition. Born Bernard Jeffrey McCullough in Chicago, Mac began his career as a stand-up comedian in the small comedy clubs of his […]

A new comic book from Street Legends Inc and Over The Edge Books called “L.A. 3000” has been released. The comic covers a post apocalyptical Los Angeles, after a nuclear holocaust. The artwork was done by the Mad Twinz Mike and Mark Davis, who previously created the critically accliamed “Blokhedz” comic and the story was […]