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If/when you watch the news broadcast these days it seems that you can anticipate saddening instances being discussed in your community. The local robbing, stabbings, murders, and incidents of child abuse become apart of the daily rhetoric. But, every now and then you have those occasions where a good samaritan does something nice or helpful and you can rest easy remembering that there does exist some pleasantries in the world.

What if you turned on your news channel and found a fictional character who PLAYS a news anchor in a comedy film be your REAL anchor for the evening?

Well, it happened in Bismark, North Dakota. Ron Burgundy of the comedy films Anchorman and soon to be released Anchorman 2 movie franchise sat in as a co-anchor for a North Dakota newscast.

You’ve seen him in that commercial having a staring contest with the horse of one horse power.


The marketing campaign for “Anchorman 2”  is already being lauded as a game changer, and this weekend Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell) continued his march into our hearts and minds with an appearance on KXMB-TV, a local newscast in Bismarck, North Dakota.

Deadpanning his way through actual stories, Ferrell hosted the post-Iron Bowl broadcast alongside anchor Amber Schatz, who showed superhuman strength in not cracking up every few seconds.

Bless the woman who could sit by this goof and keep her act together and get the stories out.