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We’ve all experienced that moment, when someone uses a phrase one too many times and you have to tense your arm muscles to prevent from going slap-happy on them. I can’t even lie, I’ve logged off Twitter and Facebook many times just because I was tired of hearing people abuse the hell out of terms. I get annoyed and just want people to talk normal sometimes.

I knew I couldn’t be the only person feeling this way, so I took to the official HelloBeautiful Facebook page to ask you, the reader, the necessary question of which terms you feel should be put to rest. Check out the top 13 suggestions!

13. #Winning. Ever since Charlie Sheen coined the phrase “Winning,” it’s taken social media by storm. It was all fun and cute for a minute, but now it’s just down right annoying. Get over it already.

12. #Losing. This too took over social media, as it is clearly the reverse circumstance of its opposite (see above). Not clever.

11. #Fail. #Fail has been working my nerves for a while now. Granted, I do use it when it’s absolutely necessary, but other than that this phrase can go ahead and die a silent death.

10. #Epic. This phrase needs to epically go away. For good.

9. #Hating. This is absolutely a cool runner-up for the #1 spot, as it has been overused and abused so much, it continues to rob people of their own personal opinion. Just because your views are different from others does not mean you’re hating. It means you have a freaking mind of your own. This word to me is single-handedly killing individualism.

8. #Leggooo. Thanks Trey Songz. Thank you sooo much for adding to the already lengthy list of those who now need Hooked on Phonics. I believe the correct term is “Let’s Go.” Seriously though, it’s two words. How hard and how long does it take to type and/or say two words?

7.  It is what it is. I never realized how much this phrase was overused until I kept hearing it on “Basketball Wives” – episode after episode, week after week. Granted, the BWs didn’t originate the term, but they sure as hell helped prepare it for it’s funeral.

6. Where do people get off thinking it is okay to quote Tamar Braxton on ANYTHING? Honestly, what does this chick say of relevance? Better yet, any grown woman that acts like she acts, need not be quoted, because, in Tamar’s very own words, “that is some bull-you-know-what dot com.”

5. Take the fade. Thanks to the “Chris Brown’s cousins vs. Frank Ocean” fiasco, I have recently been introduced to possibly the dumbest, most ignorant phrase to date. All because of 7 stupid little words that got caught on camera: “Take the fade n*cca, take this fade!” Celebs and their ratchet a** family members kill our braincells one dumb phrase at a time. I beg of you, Breezy, come get your cousins!

4. #Zoo. To be honest, I’m not too familiar with this term but it seems that others are, so much so that they want to unfamiliarize themselves with it, hence the induction into this funeral.

3. #Movie. Unless you’re at the movies, watching a movie, in a movie or actually doing something pertaining to film, please do not say this word.

2. Get it in. In the event of attempting to save his failed solo career, Omarion released this song for his single “I Get It In” and ever since that very moment, I’ve been trying to get it out and into the ground! Needless to say he stayed #losing, not #winning, with that #Epic #Fail of a song.

1. #Swag. This phrase is most definitely number one on my phrase hit list. It has been abused and disrespected so much that people who don’t even almost have swag are saying “swag.” If your name is not Denzel Washington, Diddy or Oprah, chances are you can’t even afford to think you have swag. I hate this phrase so much it has me screaming from the mountain tops – Okay, maybe just from my desk, but it does have me screaming at the top of my lungs. “Death to Swag”!!!!

So there you have it, 13 terms that we’d prefer to be shot, stabbed, stoned, gassed, ran over and reversed; whichever way you’d like, these phrases just need to die a quick and painless death!

What are some of the phrases you’re most sick of???

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