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We’ve reported many rumors over the last year – some are still unconfirmed and we may have to wait until 2010 for a final word, some went as quickly as they came, fizzling out before anyone had the time to care, and some were just plain wrong…and that’s our fault. We’re willing to admit our mistakes though, so here are 9 rumors we never should have posted.


Aaliyah Biopic Rumored To Be Released This Year Did we miss this? Because the year is almost over! Maybe it went straight to DVD. Maybe it was made for TV and aired on Lifetime. Either way, we have yet to see it.


Will & Jada To Divorce After 12 years of marriage, one of Black Hollywood’s favorite couples is still together. The rumor of them having an “open relationship” may be true, and so may be the rumor that they practice Scientology…but this one was just plain wrong.

MAY 13

Tiny & T.I. To Marry This Weekend Thirteen days after we posted this, T.I. entered jail and no ceremony had taken place. It’s been seven months since then, and now the word is that they’ll have their “fairytale wedding” upon his release. Guess we’ll wait and see…


Ciara & 50 Cent To Go Public All we’ve seen these two do together is appear in the video (and on stage) for “Can’t Leave Him Alone.” And once that song had it’s run on radio and television, we never saw them again…at least not displaying any PDA. Who do they think they are? Bey & Jay?


Soulja Boy Knocks Up Lola Luv Ummm, no, he didn’t. How Soulja Boy, of all people, gets linked to some of the hottest video girls in the game today is a mystery to us, but he should be thanking his lucky stars.


Halle Berry Is Pregnant And then she walked onto “The Jay Leno Show” wearing a sexy, form-fitting dress made for a girl in her 20’s (and looking way better while doing so!). She silenced us all, without having to say a word.


Mariah Is Pregnant! Two months later, she’s still prancing around in bikini’s and mini-skirts in music videos and during television appearances, and there’s no baby bump in sight.


Breezy Accuses RiRi Of Cheating With Drake In Song Had we listened to Chris Brown’s song, “Famous Girl,” in it’s entirety, we would’ve discovered that in his lyrics, he wasn’t exactly making false accusations towards his ex-girl. Actually, he was being quite clever, playing off popular songs (in quotes) and their artists (in bold).

‘Ye would’ve said you’re ‘So Amazing’ / So how could you be so ‘Heartless,’ girl? / ‘Live Your Life,’ take T-I-m-e / ‘Day and Nite,’ just like Kid Cudi / You’ll think of me, you will / Drake would say that you’re ‘The Best He Ever Had’…/ Keri woulda said my love ‘Knocks Her Down’ / Keyshia woulda told me I was ‘Sent From Heaven’ / Sorry Bey, I don’t wear no ‘Halo’ / You were first to play the game though / Sorry I ‘Bust The Windows’ out your car…”


Diddy To Marry Kim Porter, Dumps Cassie A day after we posted this, Diddy sent out this short and to-the-point Tweet.

Our bad.