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Marc Jacobs is set to become the first top fashion designer to create a plus-size line.

The fashion house is currently in talks about a range for women over size 14, and canvassing opinion on how much demand there is for larger sizes.

Marc Jacob’s business partner Robert Duffy announced the plans on Twitter last week.

He later admitted he had been ‘over sharing’ news about the brand – there has been no official announcement from the fashion house about the potential plus size clothes.

Mr Duffy, president of the Marc Jacobs label, said it would be a year before the line was available.

He tweeted: ‘Want to do plus sizes. Great opportunity. Need to get the customers interested. They don’t buy our 14 and 16’s. I always get stuck with them.’

He added: ‘Interest in Plus sizes? Women are dying for fashion. Need to get the message out. But when we put 14 and 16 in the stores no takers.Stopped.’ SOURCE

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