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Diddy Confirms Dr. Dre’s Detox album will drop this year then back tracks…

“With out a doubt you will hear the Detox album on the Diddy Beats headphones and you’ll hear the Last Train to Paris. Both those albums you will hear this year and um… I can’t confirm that about the Detox, but I know it’s coming… Yall almost got me, that was a good one, yall almost got me, Dre would have killed me… Diddy Confirms Detox…I don’t know when that album is coming out, but I’m telling you I have heard part of that album and it’s worth the wait!! That Detox album is nothing to play with. It is worth the wait!”

On not conquering love and getting married

“Naw… I don’t have any plans for that in the near future. I don’t define Love and Mariage. I think there are a lot of people that are married and a lot of people that love each other but I don’t think marriage is the best thing for them. I think marriage is something that’s sacred… If you ain’t ready, sit yo ass down.”

Diddy On Managing Nicki Minaj

“I can’t confirm that just as of yet. Nicki’s somebody I am a big fan of. If I every do get to the point where that’s something that we want to confirm, then yall will definitely hear about it.”