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Business Behind The Music Texas Taught Us Graphic

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As a music ecosystem, Texas is self-reliant as can be. Sell records out the trunk? Texas did it and then some. Mom and pop record labels who grew to become major landing points for artists? Texas did it. Side hustles creating multiple streams of income for artists? Yup, Texas had something to say about that too.

Our newest Business Behind The Music with operations manager Terri Thomas is focused on all things Texas music education, especially in Hip Hop. Joining us on the panel are BeatKing fresh off cultivating a status as one of Texas’ biggest club artists turned major stars with “Then Leave,” Troy Marshall, the General Manager of 1501 Certified Ent. who has helped handle the careers of Erica BanksMegan Thee Stallion and more and the one and only Paul Wall who came from a generation of freestylers with Swishahosue to a major label star with Asylum and an all-time great not just as a rapper and ambassador for the city but also with grills and his partnership with Johnny Dang.

Watch the full panel discussion on how Texas shapes the music industry in regards to sound, culture, look and more below.

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