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Kanye West Talks Yeezy in NYC

Source: Kanye West Purchases Second City In Wyoming To Bring Yeezy Production / Kanye West Purchases Second City In Wyoming To Bring Yeezy Production To The US

So you’re thinking about voting Kanye West for President, right?

On Saturday (July 4), the fashion designer, occasional rapper and billionaire declared that he had moved up his believed time of running for President in 2024.

“We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future. I am running for president of the United States!” he wrote on Twitter.

The news sent everyone attempting to figure Kanye out into the usual thoughts of, “He’s crazy, he’s off his meds, Kanye really can’t run.” Sure enough, Ye hadn’t gathered enough signatures or gone through the steps to actually land on ballots in New York and Texas and California where you have to meet a certain threshold of voters, raise $5,000 for their campaign and register with the Federal Election Commission. Ye has yet to check off any of those marks but – he has an audience. Which may be more important to him than actually signing up and going through the civic process.

In a sitdown with Forbes, he broke down his reason for running and granted them an interview because at this point, Forbes is Kanye’s version of what TMZ is for the Kardashians. Why? He’ll beef with them about whether or not he is a billionaire but also, their Chief Content Officer sits down with him to hear out his political views.

Here’s what we gathered.

  • He’s running on his own political party – The Birthday Party with backing from his wife, Kim Kardashian-West and Elon Musk.
  • He no longer supports Trump and will no longer wear the MAGA hat.
  • Would have run as a Republican if Donald Trump wasn’t in the race but would run as an Independent is Trump is there.
  • Wore the hat to protest the segregation of votes in the Black community (also because Trump hotels are cool to him and they have saxophones in the lobby).
  • Believes that the Black vote being strictly democratic is “a form of racism and white supremacy.”
  • He had COVID-19 in February but got better because, “Drake couldn’t be sicker than [him]”
  • Is anti-vaccine and is weary of COVID vaccine. In fact, believes vaccines paralyze children and believes that “they” want to up chips inside of us to track us to where we can’t cross the gates of Heaven.
  • Is super evangelical to the point where these following quotes can happen in near succession.
    • “Planned Parenthoods have been placed inside cities by white supremacists to do the Devil’s work.”
    • “I am pro-life because I’m following the word of the bible.”
    • Wants God back in schools and believes that it was a plan by the Devil to, “have our kids committing suicide at an all-time high by removing God to have murder in Chicago at an all-time high because the human beings working for the Devil removed God and prayer from the schools.”
  • Has a VP pick, 57-year-old Wyoming preacher Michelle Tidball, who affirms herself as a “biblical life coach” and doesn’t watch the news.
  • Thinks Joe Biden isn’t special, feels that he was threatened to be a Democrat and feels that he was threatened to the point where a white man can tell a Black man that if you don’t vote for me, you’re not Black.
  • Is anti-police brutality.
  • Believes Black History Month is torture porn because it reminds us that the white supremacy construct shows how Black people couldn’t vote.
  • Wants Trump and Biden to gracefully bow out.
  • Wants to use the “framework of Wakanda” to run the White House.
  • Believes Nipsey Hussle was killed because of knowing too much about holistic medicine and Dr. Sebi.
  • Is for cleaning up chemicals in deodorant and toothpaste … that affect the ability to serve God.
  • Excuses the Black officer involved in the death of George Floyd. No, seriously.
    • There was a Black guy that went to jail and it was his first day on the force. So if it’s your first day on the force and it’s your training day, and this OG accredited cop with 18 violations already starts filing out, are you going to jump in front of that person and lose your job that same day? Especially in this climate when 40,000 people lost their jobs? This man was put in a position where—and also he probably didn’t realize that the cop was going to take it that far, he probably was so scared, in shock, paralyzed, like so many Black people. I’m one of the few Black people that would speak openly like this.”

Point is, Kanye already told you his position at the moment to run for President is because he’s more offended at Biden’s quote about Blackness being tied to voting than Trump’s actions over the course of the last four years and change. Plus, we’re in the midst of a glorified Ye album roll out at the moment so … here are some reactions!