Wesley Evans, 20, was likely hoping for a clean escape when he hid in his girlfriend's dishwasher. But he was caught one day after escaping custody at the Jasper Memorial Hospital on Tuesday, according to the New York Daily News.

You read this headline and you think, ‘who would rob a make-a-wish foundation?’ and you’re right… who would do that? Well, it happened in the San Francisco area last weekend when two thieves decided to break-in, ransack and steal the items that were collected for a child who was on the list of the Make-a-Wish. […]

One of the European passengers held hostage by the EgyptAir hijacker decided to take a photo with the criminal.

Funerals are already emotionally draining enough, the absolute last thing anyone needs is for porn to start playing during the service.

Tired of minorities in your dating pool? Bizarrely enough, there's a dating website for that.

A father and son duo from Syracuse has landed themselves in hot water...or hot oil.

A woman stripped down to her underwear while running around on the San Francisco Bay Bridge during rush hour Wednesday night.

Missy Elliott returns with her brand new single “WTF (Where They From)” featuring Pharrell Williams. Check out the explosive single along with her innovative visual video!

Two women are wanted by police after being caught on camera twerking on a man inside a Washington D.C. convenience store.