Passengers will now have to weigh in ahead of boarding Hawaiian Airlines flights after the carrier company won the right to put its customers on the scale in court.

There's a reason why a now expectant Ms. Jackson has been missing from the public eye since her announcement.

We picked out 10 celebrities who have been in good shape for so long, you may have forgotten they dropped some serious pounds back in the day.

It seems Chyna's helped the famed entrepreneur get his confidence back.

Kim Kardashian is 7 months pregnant and already dealing with some heavier issues in the weight area.

Notice anything different about your boy Rick Ross? He’s standing next to Jay Z looking like Wiz Khalifa out in this bih. Rick has been hitting the gym hard, doing what he calls Ross Fit; shout-out to all the pears. It’s working- but speaking of work, let’s get back to business. The Black Dollar rapper […]

Raven-Symone said while on her ABC Family show State of Georgia, she was forced to wear a fat suit because she was deemed "too skinny"

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Hey! I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend! Yesterday, My daughter and I went to Rice to run the trail.  Before we got started I asked “Do you want to just walk or do you want to run?”  She said “I’m going to run cause I have to lose 6 pounds before the speech […]

My number one FitGirl motto is, “The body follows the mind.” The biggest thing standing in between you and the weight loss results that you…

We’ve all heard some weight loss wives’ tales and home remedies that are supposed to help us lose weight and/or look better, but, for some reason,  they only seem to work for the ones  giving the advice, not vice-versa. Well, Charlotte Andersen over at has compiled a list of some interesting weight-loss strategies that […]

In the “no, duh,” study of the week, research has found that cosmetic surgery is no help for those with body dysmorphic disorder. And while BDD isn’t your run-of-the-mill poor body image (it’s a psychological disorder in which the affected person focuses so excessively on a real or perceived defect in their appearance that it […]