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JJ and Alani

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Hey! I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend! Yesterday, My daughter and I went to Rice to run the trail.  Before we got started I asked “Do you want to just walk or do you want to run?”  She said “I’m going to run cause I have to lose 6 pounds before the speech contest!”  WHAT?!?!!  I am of course blown away.  This kid is only 6 pounds as it is!  So I asked her why she felt like that and she brought up a kid at school who told her that she is on a diet. Well, the child she mentioned is a little obese for her age and maybe her parents put her on a diet.  I’m not really sure.  But it just got me to thinking…”Why are 8 year olds concerned with weight?” Then I read this article that said in a recent poll…over 1000 girls 9-13 were STRESSED about their weight! WOW!  Check out this article here and find tips to talk to your kids about this stress with body image!

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