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  Today the movie “Waiting To Exhale” turns 20 years old! Remember “Waiting To Exhale” with 4 of the most popular songs below:      

Via While promoting her role in the hit film Olympus Has Fallen, Golden Globe winning actress Angela Bassett dished on what’s going on with the Waiting To Exhale sequel. Terry McMillian shared her thoughts on the sequel to “Waiting to Exhale,” and revealed that the film’s producers were still up in the air about Whitney Houston’s character, “Savannah Jackson.” […]

Talks of Whitney Houston starring in the remake of the 1976 film “Sparkle,” have been going in and out of ears recently.  Rumor has it she made be playing Jordin Sparks mother.  Jordin will star as the lead singer of the girl group. If you’ve never heard of the movie,”Sparkle,” it tells the story of […]


Whitney Houston and her pointy-toe boots were spotted strutting through the streets of L.A., leaving the Prince Concert. Whitney is on board for the sequel of “Waiting To Exhale” but he is going to need to prep a little more if she wants to look as great as she did in the first one. Original […]

“Jumping The Broom” actress Angela Bassett has confirmed rumors that the entire cast will be reuniting for a sequel to the 1995 film “Waiting To Exhale.” Bassett appeared on “The Talk” yesterday and said: “It’s preliminary but it’s going to happen, Waiting to Exhale 2.” “She (McMillan) wrote Getting to Happy and she’s written the […]

A sneak peak of Terry McMillan’s new novel “Getting to Happy,” a sequel to her million-selling “Waiting to Exhale,” will appear in the next four issues of Essence magazine, beginning with the June edition.

Author Terry McMillan is planning on releasing a sequel to her 1992 novel “Waiting To Exhale.” “Getting to Happy” is the long-awaited sequel to McMillan’s 1992 hit book comes a whole 15 years later and will feature all of the original characters made famous by Whitney Houston and Angela Bassett in the 1995 film adaptation […]

Author Terry McMillan is planning on releasing a sequel to her 1992 novel “Waiting To Exhale.”

Terry McMillian is geared to release a sequel to the bestselling novel Waiting to Exhale this year! Finally!