The Crate Challenge has caused plenty of potential injuries, comedy and then some over the course of the last few days with many people asking one question -- who in the hell had all these crates sitting around?

Stripping can be a dangerous profession. A shake dancer in Dallas, Texas took an epic fall from high atop the pole, cracking her jaw in the process while 21 Savage’s song “Immortal” was the soundtrack. The pole athlete looked like she was a good 15′ to 20′ high in XTC Cabaret with her legs spread […]

  While racists across the country are continuing to feel emboldened by Donald Trump‘s rhetoric, they’re forgetting that he can get away spewing his hate because he’s the President. Everyday racists, on the other hand, are not and without Secret Service protection leave themselves vulnerable to ass whoopings every time they decide to go MAGA […]

People don’t play about their cars. One El Paso mother took it to another level when she chased her son down who had gone off in her car and then proceeded to spank him. Who filmed all of this? The boy’s sister of course. Liza Campero captured all the video of her brother Aaron Martinez and […]

The cable and phone employee initially claimed that the transfer was an accident, but later changed his tune.

High school senior Brendon Gauthier said that getting into the Ivy League school was a dream come true.

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If you have been on social media for the last few days, then you are probably aware of the latest challenge being posted on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. No it’s not the #MannequinChallenge (that’s already played out,) this one comes courtesy of the legendary Shirley Ceasar and one of her most famous sermons. The #UNameItChallenge […]

Speaking to thousands of law enforcement officials, FBI Director James Comey said that those who believe that there is a police shooting epidemic of black men “have no idea” what they’re talking about, and pressed police to begin keeping data to prove or disprove the point.

Chicago's Dwayne Reed really wanted his students to be excited to start the new school year.

First it was the random Daquan pictures, then it was pictures of Michael Jordan crying a river worth of tears and now it’s “Daaaamn, Daniel!” For those of you who have no idea why everyone has been saying the phrase… don’t wreck your brain trying to figure it out. Damn Daniel is yet another random […]


Hey, It’s @JJOnTheMic. This video of this lil boy is too cute! He’s looking at the man in the mirror…and discovered that his eyebrows can do something really cool! LOL