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While racists across the country are continuing to feel emboldened by Donald Trump‘s rhetoric, they’re forgetting that he can get away spewing his hate because he’s the President. Everyday racists, on the other hand, are not and without Secret Service protection leave themselves vulnerable to ass whoopings every time they decide to go MAGA on unsuspecting Brown Americans.

The latest such incident went down this past weekend when a racist white couple decided to harass a Latino family on the highway in California only to learn that actions have consequences even in Trump’s Amerikkka. According to Twitter user @PattyMonstercx, her parents were cut off on the road by the aforementioned racist couple and instead of getting an apology her parents were bombarded with threats before the aggressors got out of their jeep to get in the faces of the Latino family. While someone in the car can be heard calling police and asking for assistance, the caller’s parents exit the car to confront the racist couple who referred to them as “beaners” and proceeded to lay the smacketh down on the road raging racists.

After getting a few hands to the face and a ripped shirt for his racist transgression, the white man tried to cop a plea with the enraged motorist only to catch a few more knuckle sandwiches. His woman didn’t fare much better as she found herself getting pummeled into the concrete by the caller’s mother before her shirtless man was finally able to get her and hightail it out of there.

No word yet on whether or not any legal action has been taken by either party but we wouldn’t be surprised if the racist couple plays the victim card in this situation.

Check out the video of the incident below and let us know your reactions.

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