It is my recently departed mother’s birthday. I honor her by being the man she raised me to be. I learn, love and help those who need it.

J Mac’s Word of the Day™ is dictator. Ruler with total power. Duvalier , Castro, Jong Il. One by one they fall. No man’s rule last forever.

J Mac’s HIp Hop Health Tip: Train like you’re going to fight Mike Tyson! Fitness boxing is a great workout that is more than 60% anaerobic.

J Mac’s Hip Hop Health Tip: Stop playing the blame game! Foods aren’t good or bad. Balance and moderation in your diet is the key to health

J Mac’s Word of the Day™ is glabrous. Smooth. Hairless. My game. My head.

J Mac’s Word of the Day™ is facilitate. Make an action or process easier. What the civil rights movement did for black progress in the USA.

J Mac’s Word of the Day™ is star. Celestial body. Bringer of life. Some worship stars, others strive to be on They all burn out eventually.


J Mac’s Hip Hop Health Tip: Come to the gym to work, not for a fashion show! Wear proper gym attire and no makeup to boost performance.

J Mac’s Word of the Day™ is finitio. Finished Italian style. See: guys in skinny jeans, #haters and the first two weeks of NBA season.

J Mac’s Hip Hop Health Tip: A motor has to have gas to run properly. A healthy breakfast is an important part of any fitness program.

JMac’s Hip Hop Health Tip: Change it up! Getting too comfortable with a workout routine can minimize results. Revaluate your goals weekly.

I’ve been thinking a lot about posses lately. Why do athletes, rappers, rock stars and sometimes politicians and pundits feel the need to travel in such large groups? A man, or woman for that matter, should stand on his or her own right? You’re the only one that should be responsible for your actions and […]