sex and the city 2

When HB attended the New York City premiere of "Sex And The City 2," we saw both Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristin Davis walk the red carpet in stunning gowns. It was then that we knew neons would be coming on strong for summer.

It used to be that a mere flash of mirrored sunglasses instantly recalled Erik Estrada in an '80s scene from "Chips." Well, that cheesy stigma is gone, and a bit of glossy Hollywood remains.

The Sex & The City 2 premiere went down last night! Ashanti, Gabourey and Wendy Williams all showed up for the huge event.

Even before becoming pregnant and gaining 35 lbs. with son David Otunga Jr., Jennifer Hudson hated running and wasn’t a huge fan of the gym. But as soon as she got her doctor’s OK to start working out, the former American Idol star met up with L.A.-based trainer, Harley Pasternak, to start slimming down for […]