The late George Floyd aka Big Floyd is being remembered by the Screwed Up Click and more.

Houston went up on another level when a trailer for a DJ Screw series titled “All Screwed Up” was leaked to YouTube and social media. Fans were excited and more than happy regarding the project, seeing that Houston has its own music legends and the legend of legends deserved proper tribute in that fashion. With all of the fervor […]

The history of Houston hip-hop cannot be told without DJ Screw. As prolific as it has been with artists and community leaders receiving days in the city, the loudest name that didn’t have one was the godfather of the entire movement. That all changed today. In a press conference earlier today (Jan. 24), Mayor Turner’s daughter Ashley […]


Happy Birthday to one of the most genuine souls Houston has ever known. John Hawkins, better known as Big Hawk, would’ve made 48 today. A DEA/SUC legend, he is dearly missed! Here are a few of my favorite Big Hawk songs.   Follow Us On Instagram!!! 979TheBox /HardbodyKiotti Follow Us On Twitter!!! 979TheBox/HardbodyKiotti Follow Us […]

The Screwed Up Click lives on in the city of Houston. Thanks to a new exhibit at the University of Houston, the history of the Click and in particular Fat Pat and Big HAWK is on full display. The exhibit, titled Brothers In Rhyme: Fat Pat, Big HAWK and the Screwed Up Click contains personal effects and copies […]

The Screwed Up Click’s legacy in Houston is unmatched. The legends, born from the love of DJ Screw now have a new exhibit at the University of Houston. A collection of memorabilia and personal items were donated to the exhibit including items from Lil Flip and Chris Ward along with promotional items for Big Moe […]

Today marks the 15 year anniversary that Robert Davis Jr. a/k/a DJ Screw passed away. He was only 29 at the time of his death. DJ Screw is the creator of the Chopped & Screwed DJ technique and recognized as one the most important figures in Southern Hip-Hop history.

It amazes me how Lil’O is able to push out hit after hit after hit. It’s been almost 20 years since he released his first single “Can’t Stop (feat. Destiny’s Child)” and he’s gone on to make history ever since then. Young artists: take note. Study the moves Lil’O makes when it comes to the […]

What’s up! It’s Amir Diamond and I got to talk with the Dat Boy Bryson and the legendary ESG about everything under the sun. I found out what Bryson’s school-life is like and whether people treat him differently since his pops is a Houston legend. I also found out how “E” dealt with the difficulties […]

What’s up, It’s Amir Diamond (@WhosYourDiamond) and honestly…this interview with Lil’ O (original member of DJ Screw’s Screwed Up Click) has been one of my most important ones to date. It’s one thing to goof off with artists who aren’t from your city, it’s ANOTHER THING to sit down with a man whose music has held Houston […]

Lil’ O is a Houston legend. He’s had classic records in the past, and he’s also proving that he has what it takes to keep up with the ever-changing sounds of today’s music. I’m feeling his new single from his “Grind Hard, Pray Harder” mixtape that features Chamillionaire and Killa Kyleon. “In Da Wind” is […]

Robert Davis Jr. a/k/a DJ Screw passed away 12 years ago today He is the creator of the Chopped & Screwed DJ technique and recognized as one the most important figures in Southern Hip-Hop history. Sadly, he was only 29 when we lost him. He was widely known for his “Screw Tapes” that were mainly […]