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The Screwed Up Click lives on in the city of Houston. Thanks to a new exhibit at the University of Houston, the history of the Click and in particular Fat Pat and Big HAWK is on full display.

The exhibit, titled Brothers In Rhyme: Fat Pat, Big HAWK and the Screwed Up Click contains personal effects and copies of classic albums along with promotional items, posters, rare photos and biographical notes on SUC members such as Kay-KLil FlipBig PokeyLil KekeBig MelloMacc Grace and more are on display. Flip, HAWK’s widow Meshah Hawkins, E.S>G. and Chris Ward donated personal items such as shoes, handwritten lyrics, photos and more.

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Speaking on this exhibit, E.S.G. said, “It was something about Fat Pat, the whole lingo … there may be other people who created other things but the lingo of the Screwed Up Click and the Southside of Houston came from Fat Pat.”

He added, “I remember telling HAWK, “Man, we can rap and make money off of this. HAWK told me, ‘Man, I just do it for fun!’ Those are the big brothers of SUC.”

The exhibit, curated by Julie Grob invited contributors from across the sphere to mark anecdotes of their favorite member of the SUC or vital part of the history of the group. The exhibit is located at the MD Anderson Library on campus and will be on display until December 14th.

The SUC’s Brothers In Rhyme Exhibit At The University of Houston
Brothers In Arms - Fat Pat, Big HAWK And The Screwed Up Click
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