Jayda Cheaves opened up about how she knew about Saweetie and Lil' Baby's Chanel shopping date before the Internet and why she decided to add fuel to the fire.

The latest stars to get caught up in that manner of discussion are Lil Baby and Saweetie, who some believe are currently dating, but Quavo, the ex-boyfriend of the "Icy Girl" star, seemingly endorsed the alleged union via social media.

The Snowfall actor shared a black-and-white video to his Instagram story of Saweetie playing the piano barefoot in his home. Fans did not find the exchange humorous at all and many are saddened at the dating rumors that followed. 

We caught up with Saweetie on the launch day of her McDonald's Saweetie Meal and the "Pretty B*tch Music" rapper opened up about her style, her fans thinking her hair is a wig and finishing her album in Paris.

"People really on here making sh*t up for clout," the 2018 NBA MVP wrote on Instagram. "I really stay out the way. CashApp $100K? Beat it."

Now that the pair have split, fans took notice of a lyric from the Migos rapper that seemingly confirms he took back the iced-out Bentley he gifted to his ex-girlfriend.

Quavo and Saweetie won't face charges over their now infamous elevator fight that was caught on video. Prosecutors won't be moving forward with any charges against either of the rappers.

Quavo denies physically abusing Saweetie during their relationship.