Real estate mogul, devout friend to the Republican party, and now all-round bellyacherDonald Trump should be eating crow right about now but instead, he chose to lambast President Barack Obama on Twitter forwinning his consecutive bid for the presidency on Tuesday night. The offensively coiffed trillionaire’s Twitter meltdown was a juvenile display of sour grapes after Obama decisively defeated the Republican candidate Mitt Romney: Click here […]


I met this guy not too long ago and we got into a conversation about politics and voting. He said that he doesn’t vote.  He was raised Jehovah Witness although he no longer practices the faith but he still believes that voting is wrong.  This brings me to today’s poll…

Nov 6th will be a historic day in American voting history! Both candidates have celebrity endorsers. Check out Jay Z’s remix to 99 Problems. I don’t think Obama will have a problem with this one. Regardless who your candidate is, use your right to vote! Follow Us On Twitter! @979TheBox @Kiotti Follow Us On Instagram! […]

” The “Climax” singer rocks a blond wig and foreignaccent as he ties the presidential election to the video game Dance Central 3, showing off some moves during his report.   WATCH VIDEO: RAP-UP.COM

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via: cnn.com The expectations are very different for Obama vs. Romney, Round 2. And the stakes are enormous. Democrats are nervous. A race many of them thought was a lock just a few weeks ago is now a dead heat, the momentum with the other side. See More

President Obama is preparing for the second Presidential debate tonight in Virginia, while Mitt Romney is rehearsing in Boston. Tomorrow night’s debate will take place tomorrow night in New York, and can be heard in its entirety on our sister station, News 92 FM. Click here for more details.

In a study conducted by the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism, results show that the Obama campaign is finding greater use in social media networks and other internet marketing tools as compared to GOP nominee Mitt Romney. To view the activities of each candidate, side-by-side, click here.

via: cnn.com President Barack Obama holds a nine-point lead over Republican challenger Mitt Romney thanks in part to the perception that the president is more likeable and more in touch with the problems facing women and middle class Americans, according to a new national poll. A CNN/ORC International poll released Monday also indicates a large […]


via: cnn.com (CNN) — Visiting New Hampshire, it appears that Mitt Romney is well poised to sweep through the Granite State, and probably South Carolina and Florida, on toward the nomination. But the campaign here suggests that, as he looks toward November, darkish clouds loom on the horizon. New Hampshire voters love to surprise, and […]