Philando Castile

The past 48 hours have been rough for America with two black men killed by cops and five police officers murdered in Dallas being. Celebrities have been expressing their outrage on social media and the latest is LeBron James.

On Thursday night, the rapper took to his TIDAL streaming service and shared a message with his fans inspired by the disheartening events.

It's unclear if the protest is directly related to the shooting.

She posted a lengthy manifesto to her personal website, making a powerful, brave, and emotional statement.

Many Blacks feel they don’t receive enough support for racially charged issues. White coworkers can be left feeling unsure of what to say or do to provide comfort and avoid confrontation. Here’s what our White coworkers can do to be an ally without stirring the pot.

Nakia Jones' passionate reaction to the depraved killing of Alton Sterling has over two million views on Facebook with 144,783 shares. Jones, an officer at the Warrensville Heights Police Department in Ohio, uploaded the live broadcast after watching cell phone footage of Sterling being tackled to the ground by two cops then shot in the chest while he lay restrained.

Nakia Jones is a Cleveland police officer with the Warrensville Heights Police Department.

Clinton praised the Department of Justice for opening a civil rights investigation into the Sterling shooting and stressed the need to reform police forces.

It hasn’t even been 24 hours since I saw the videos of Alton Sterling getting gunned down in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and there’s already another hashtag making it’s way around social media. #PhilandoCastile was shot at (by an officer in Minnesota). According to Castile’s girlfriend, he was reaching for his wallet to pull out his […]