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And the twisted "Making a Murderer" docu-series just got even more confusing.

(Undated)  —  Rapper 2 Chainz’s recent debate with Nancy Grace over marijuana legalization has some of his supporters calling for him to get into politics.  According to “XXL” magazine, many fans want the emcee to consider running for mayor of his hometown, College Park, Georgia, and 2 Chainz is seriously considering it.  He says he’s […]

… and it was honestly kind of annoying.  I’ve never really sat and watched Nancy Grace for long periods of time, but I feel like she repeats herself and just argues to argue.  2 Chainz made a lot of valid points, but it was like she just kept going back to her original comments without […]

Rapper, 2 Chainz, goes on Nancy Grace’s show on HLN and battle over the legalization of weed.  Although she took a number of jabs at the rapper, he held is own and his argument about the legalizing seemed reasonable. Ultimately, it would be less of a burden on the economy and the criminal justice system, […]

Beyonce Knowles Carter is interviewed by Nancy Grace about the disappearance of Blue Ivy Carter.