Marijuana can take on many forms theses days, from cupcakes to cookies to tea — but who knew that weed manicures would become a thing? To see what we’re talking about, watch the video below: Photos of the trendy look are all over social media, grabbing the attention of stylish women and stoners alike. […]

Your next manicure can be a hair raising situation.

This new formula is liberating women, providing healthy nails, and cutting manicure time in half. Yes, really.

Between work, your personal hobbies, relationships, and goals, at some point you will find yourself needing to paint your own nails until you can get to your manicurist.

Lets face it, a hot nail tech is hard to find – a nail artist is even harder. It’s all good, I (AyanaMack) promise if I come across a nail artist with skills I’m definitely gonna tell you about them, like my boy Roger Aguirre. Here’s his story. When I was younger, I always knew I […]

So I’m (Ayana Mack) looking for the hottest nail techs in Houston to feature cause…lets just face it, a hot nail tech is hard to find! After talking to my peeps in Instagram  and Twitter (Follow Ayana Mack Instagram and Twitter Here) @TheNailSlayer comes highly recommended from my HTown homies. Here’s a little bit about Dinesha Powell […]

Yours truly overheard two friends talking about manicures – one of them was complaining that she just had a manicure the day before and now…

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The new nail trend that hasn’t become overly trendy just yet is the Newsprint nails. The best part about it is, you can do it yourself at home in three easy steps! And the finished product is clean, fun and classic. I’m not a big fan of nail designs and trendy styles that have over-saturated the fashion […]