You ever talk to a friend and he/she is in a bit of a funk? You want to help because you don’t want them to be stuck in that rut, but you also don’t want to step on their toes about feeling how they want to feel. Or are you personally looking for ways […]

My trainer “D” (@dfitpro on Instagram) is not a nice guy. But he gets me results. And once a day he sends me motivation to stick with my diet & workout. Thought I would share some with you. I know it was a struggle when I started a few weeks ago. Hope to see you […]

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The Hip-Hop Preacher Eric Thomas is doing things a little bit differently; he’s Thanking God for Mondays (T.G.I.M). Today, he’s taking a couple of minutes to help us define what Amazing looks like. I can tell you one thing that IS amazing…ET’s ability to put our world in a perspective that some of us may have never […]


  I really like this quote that I read in my book “Magic”.  If reminds us that we are only hurting ourselves when we are continuing to be angry about something or someone.  Today may be the day to let it go.


Sometimes it can be hard to do what you set out to do. For whatever reason, the values that you hold dear, like work ethic, are not doing anything for you at a particular moment. Maybe you set goals for yourself, but in the end, you feel like you are contradicting yourself because they never […]

Kelly Rowland’s “Here I Am” album finally has a release date! Kelly’s third album will be in stores July 28 featuring the number one single “Motivation.” The anticipated album features Rico Love, Tricky Stewart, Dr. Luke, Stargate, Salaam Remi, Jim Jonsin, RedOne, Ester Dean and more! Kelly Rowland “Motivation” Remix Ft. Busta Rhymes, Trey Songz […]

Little Kid Learns to Ride His Bicycle And Gives Motivational Speech

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It's normal to get nervous when stuff starts changing in your favor. It can even be downright scary when something you never expected to happen happens. What are some tips on how to prevent yourself from being self-sabotaging when there's a possibility for success?

At times it is frustrating when you are doing everything in your power to do the best for your family, children, husband/man and lastly yourself. I want you to always remeber you are appreciated and ...