Cali native Chris Pine has starred in films such as Smoking Aces, Star Trek and most recently Unstoppable. After catching “Unstoppable” this weekend I had to take a double take and make a mental note to add him into the “Midday Sexy” club! Such a cutie he is!! Enjoy gals :)

Since it’s Friday, I had to give you an extra special MIDDAY SEXY feature to kick your weekend off right! (You’re Welcome lol) I found this gorgeous pic up on Nike’s website. Forgive me…not too sure of his name, but if some of my sports fanatics are reading this please leave a comment w/ his […]

Earlier I asked all the ladies on twitter who they thought was the SEXIEST man around….by almost unanimous desicion…. you all pic’d IDRIS ELBA! Good Choice! Not only is he obviously FINE, but he’s also an amazing actor and a DJ! Follow him on twitter: @IDRISELBA