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Summer is here and the heat reassures that every single day! As sistas, sometimes it takes a little extra maintenance to makes these beautiful bodies exude even more stellar beauty…. Beauty expert Lady Emmy concludes that these 3 products are her favs when it comes to summer beauty! READ MORE

If you haven’t seen the latest Transformer movie, all I can say is you are missing out!!  Call me naive, but before I went to see the 1st installment to the series, I had never even heard of a transformer, with the exception of an electricity circuit, but now I am the biggest fan ever!  […]

I always love when holidays come around because I have the excuse to sit around and eat all day long!  I prefer going to other people’s parties as opposed to entertaining myself because at least then I can spare myself the cleanup.  lol  (selfish I know) If you’re entertaining guests tonight for the fourth, here […]

This definitely takes being suspended from school on account of dress code to a whole nother level! Deshon Marman, a University of New Mexico football player, was arrested at the airport after resisting to comply with an employee’s request for him to pull up his pants.  His pants were said to be below his waistline, […]

Singer, Jennifer Hudson was rushed to the hospital after performing on Good Morning America on Friday. She was hospitalized for severe stomach pains, but sources say she has already been treated and. released for food poisoning FULL STORY

We’ve all seen Jennifer Lopez’s love life unfold through the years with every phase of her career.  From Cris Judd, to Diddy, to Affleck, and current husband, Marc Anthony, J-Lo has made the impression, there is definitely no room for discrimination when it comes to fulfilling her personal desire.  Despite her very public  flings and over nighters, […]

Are the former love birds and boxing competitors back for round 2?? As it seems, lately the two have been rekindling a friendship slowly but surely. According to sources, not only have the two begun following each other again on twitter, but they’ve been communicating via text and Skype lately, as well.  You asked for […]

I’ve always been a fan of the Kardashians, but my deepest love has definitely sided with the whitty uncensored sister, Khloe.  She keeps everything 100 and she’s not afraid to speak her mind on any topic; however, I’m pretty sure her  gynecologist visit was a bit over the top for reality tv, and for the season finale of “Khloe & […]

Ever since Nicki was announced as the opening act for Britney Spears’ 2011 summer tour; she’s done nothing but praise the success and strong will of the Disney mouseketeer who is steady making a come back. According to EOnline Nicki states she’s always been a fan of the pop star and she adds that everybody […]

Summer is just around the corner, or better yet here if you’re in the South Central Region.  The hotter it gets the skimpier the clothes become, and if you’re a fan of the original “Destiny’s Child’s” fad with the alternating random cut outs in their synced outfits, following these few tips will help you become the […]

Two of the competitors from this season of “Dancing with the Star’s” were caught lip locking behind the scenes the other day, and it was anything but hot.  60 year old Kirstie Alley planted a wet frenchie on 21 year old Romeo while intimately locking eyes and sharing a good laugh.  Romeo didn’t seem intimidated in […]

For those of you that sympathized with Leah on this season of MTV’s Teen Mom 2, you won’t have to sulk anymore.  According to US Weekly, doctors told Leah and her soon to be EX husband Corey that their 18 month old, Aliannah, will walk. During the show Aliannah showed signs of developmental disorder, while […]