Cadi B and Peter Gunz make peace with each other, DJ Self gets caught up with questions about his love triangle, and more.

Peter Gunz is finally closing up shop, Remy and Yandy try to put their differences aside for Remy's sake, and more.

Remy Ma almost stomps out Rashidah Ali's designer, and Tara reveals she's pregnant by Peter.

Amina reveals that she got an abortion while BBOD looks like they're breaking up.

Cardi B and Yorma brawl over DJ Self while Moe pops off on MariahLynn over Cisco.

DJ Self thought he was smooth by introducing his long time girlfriend to his industry fam, but Cardi B busted up all the fun.

Papoose is working hard to give Remy Ma the wedding she always wanted, Peter Gunz is officially a polygamist, and more.