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In tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop: Harlem and the Bronx (okay, it’s Love and Hip-Hop New York, but let’s be real here…I digress), more shenanigans with a touch of #BlackLove was watched by all.

We picked up from the last argument between Peter, Amina and Tara. You remember, Peter called Amina, his wife, a mistake, so she smacked fire out of him and then dropped the bomb that she was pregnant. There wasn’t too much more to that other than the fact that, later on, Amina’s twin sister Jazz came through from Germany to check on her, and got another struggle story about how Peter be acting like Peter, like we don’t know what to expect by now. Apparently, Amina is upset about being pregnant because she “doesn’t want a baby by a man that don’t want her” (but like, birth control), and isn’t sure what she’s going to do. Jazz just kept making faces like:


The fact that Jazz only made faces was commendable. You could tell she really wanted to bop her sister on the head, Homie D Clown style (as any loving sister would). This was definitely the time for “I told your dumb arse to stop playing with fire,” but Jazz was the bigger person. Props, yo.


In other news…Rashidah had the nerve to shade Yandy. Basically, Moe Dollaz expressed to Rah and Lexxy that she met with Yandy because she thinks BBOD needs another manager and that Yandy, having actually been a successful manager, could give her some good insight. Surprisingly, this conversation didn’t erupt into drinks thrown or fists flying, but Rashidah felt some type of way and tried to shade Yandy, claiming that the only thing Yandy can claim as a manager is Jim Jones. But like…at least Yandy can claim Jim Jones. Meanwhile the “shoe consultant” still isn’t even a main character yet.


In a more positive moment (probably one of the most positive moments in the franchise), Yandy and Mendeecees had a pow wow with Remy Ma and Papoose. Remy gave Mendeecees the some insight on what it was like to come back home to her family, especially her son, 7 years after being locked up (her son was 7 when she went in and a teenager when she came out, and Mendeecees faces something similar). At the moment, Mendeecees was awaiting sentencing (but we know by now that he got eight years). It was a good conversation despite what Mendeecees faces, but Yandy is committed to holding Mendeecees down the way Pap held Remy down. They even toasted to healthy #BlackLove. You know, healthy in terms of support, and minus one partner doing a prison bid.

The episode’s finale was a Battle Royale at Mariahlynn’s birthday party, between DJ Self’s girlfriend, Yorma, and Cardi B. Basically, Self has been dating Yorma, but not really claiming her, for “a while,” but he has also been dipping out with Cardi B. The status of the latter relationship is casual. Self called Cardi be his “homie, lover, friend,” like this is 90-whatever, while Cardi called him her side dude. So, obviously they smash, but aren’t really serious about each other, yet they still jump into serious relationships with other people who want to be monogamous, but won’t stop smashing each other.


Self thought it was a good idea to use Mariahlynn’s party as his “coming out event”— coming out as in, claiming Yorma publicly and actually introducing her to friends. But like, what does it matter if a man claims you if he’s shamelessly cheating on you? I digress. Anyway, Self thought he was in the clear that night because Cardi B had another event. We know what show this is by now, so of course Cardi B came through after her event.

Cardi B and Yorma threw hands shortly after meeting each other, but we don’t get to see the worst of it (Cardi B kicking out a car window) until next week. So much for DJ Self acknowledging his girlfriend.


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