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Season 6 of Love and Hip-Hop New York is back with some familiar faces, but also a lot of seemingly random terrible rappers, plus DJ Self, the self-proclaimed Prince of New York (and probably another member of “The Creep Squad).

The episode opens on a high note with Remy Ma and Papoose being all couple-like. They’re not classically lovey-dovey, but you can tell it’s there, and that Papoose wants to do everything he can to make sure Remy doesn’t go back to the bing. However, given the nature of this show, that might be hard, unless she has a few come to Jesus moments with her p.o. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, the positive is, they’re going to have the wedding they never got to have since Remy was locked up, and they actually seem functional (for now), and embody the concept of Love and Hip-Hop. For once we might get to see a healthy relationship play out (fingers crossed). It’s also important to note that Papoose has finally found his lane…as a rapper husband.

Yandy and Mendeecees are playing happy family for now, but, well, Mendeecees signed a plea deal, and we all know how that’s going to play out by now. Your boy got eight years. This is heartbreaking because he’s going to miss seeing his children grow up.

Now on to the Pure Shenanigans section of the episode:

Peter Gunz is back at it with Tara and Amina! Peter, who is sharing an apartment with Amina, convinces Tara to move into their building so that he can be “closer to his boys.” But like, we know what this is. He wanted all his concubines to be nearby. He’s claiming that he wants to be back with Tara, and that he and Amina aren’t together anymore, but when he got back to his apartment, Amina is questioning his whereabouts like…a wife would. It’s high time that Amina and Tara just accept and admit that they’re okay with sharing Peter. We’ve long judged them, so that’s pretty much out of the way.

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The next interesting line up in casting is from the series of random female rappers who are questionably talented, with the exception of Young B. Remember Young B, of “Chicken Noodle Soup” fame? She’s grown up, going by Bianca now, and trying to make a comeback from one-hit wonder oblivion. Yandy may be the woman to help her do that, and even hooked her up with a showcase. At the showcase, Bianca proved that she does actually have skills, but she also got into a near-fight with Mo Dollaz of BBD BWP BBOD (“bad b—hes on deck”).

Who is BBOD, you ask? Uh…let me direct you to their bio page for an in depth analysis, but if you’re a true millennial and are more into skimming then, just know that they basically serve Hip-Hop Dalmations vibes.

Better yet, imagine if the Bella Noches girls rapped.

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You get it. #BlackTwitter came through with the memes tonight.

Anyway, Bianca seems sweet, but she’s definitely hood. Apparently, she busted Moe Dollaz in the head with a club back in the day, which caused her to get 15 stitches, so of course, Mo is still holding on to that grudge, while Bianca is sooooo not above feeding into the drama. Mo tried to get buck with Bianco, but they didn’t manage to fully pop off due to efficient security. Meanwhile, Yandy isn’t about the drama. Bianca, for the sake of her career (and being the one who actually has potential), better learn how to be professional, and Moe Dollaz needs to keep that stitched up gash nice and healed, the way it has been for a few years now.

Next week we will reconvene to discuss the inevitable craziness that is coming.


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