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Part two of the Love and Hip-Hop New York Season 6 reunion was messy af. There were a few notable moments that stand out so let’s start from the beginning.

Petaminara (Peter, Amina, and Tara)

We picked up from Amina’s revelation that she is pregnant by Peter again. She announced that news like she was slamming down some draw four cards in a game of Uno. Tara’s face was stunned, and you could tell she was hoping her baby would be the final checkmate despite the fact that she denies her petty adamantly. They started going back and forth again. Tara was trying to act like she was always done with Peter and like she was so above it all, but Amina basically told her to knock off the “I’m a strong woman” act because they’re pretty much the same level of dodobird when it comes to #TeamBadDecisions, except for the fact that Tara is the mistress because side chicks are more temporary, and Tara clearly isn’t going anywhere.


Whitney, Peter’s daughter, proved to be the most mature person in the situation, once again, by calling them out on this dumb competition they have going on (as well as calling out Peter for being irresponsible). Tara and Amina both claimed they were done with Peter by the end of this discussion.

Meanwhile, everyone else is like:


During Amina’s quick explanation about conceiving the child out of love and not pettiness, a visibly frustrated Bianca can be heard telling them to get on birth control. There was no lie in that statement, but the other question is, did Peter ever actually get that vasectomy or did he have a change of heart all together?

Cardi B Has Arrived

Cardi B finally got her moment to chat about being the show’s break out star, but then her hat led to the clip you all saw floating around last week where Peter Gunz called Cardi a hoe and she read him his rights. Here it is, in case you missed it:

Love & Hip Hop

What’s not shown in the clip is Cardi’s final insult when she told Peter he made the Bronx look back. Ooop.

DJ Self’s Love Triangle

Peter wasn’t the only one involved in a love triangle this season. DJ Self got caught up in having to answer questions about his situation with Yorma and Rose. This situation was almost skippable, until Nina asked Self if he slept with Rose and he said he didn’t remember.

Seriously, though?


Mendeecees’ Women

Yandy, Judy (Mendeecees’ mom), Samantha (babymama) and Kim (Samantha’s mom) minus Mendeecees, who is serving his federal bid, stopped by the couch to dish on their scandal. Basically, Kim and Samantha tried to throw Yandy under the bus by stating that Yandy isn’t there for her children as much as she likes to portray. They said she works a lot so her children are with a caretaker or Mendeecees’ mom. But like, who’s supposed to watch the kids when mom is at work though?


Anyway, the real issue seemed to be that Samantha and Kim think Yandy oversteps her boundaries with Little Mendeecees.Judy then jumped in the conversation saying that Samantha isn’t as present as she should be so then Kim jumped in to defend her daughter and then the moms started going at it. We’re used to them not getting along, but this time it got really real. Like…they tried to throw hands, and even security was scared to grab Kim for a hot second, and with good reason.


Eventually, security got the situation under control and they all settled down just so they could over-talk each other again, miss each other’s points and not resolve anything. Speaking of Mendeecees, they aired footage of his final moments with his family before going under, and it was just as heartbreaking as you probably imagined it would be. Another father out of his children’s lives because of mandatory minimums, but I’ll let you look up the controversy behind mandatory minimum laws for yourself.

Remy Ma Takes The Stage

Remy Ma performed her new song, and it was nice to see that she got through the season without catching a case.

Apologies Issued 

Nina gave everyone the chance to make some final remarks and things actually didn’t take as ratchet as a turn as you might have expected. Cardi B and Peter Gunz actually apologized to each other for the hostility, and Rich said that he’s in love with Moniece Slaughter and plans to go back to Hollywood to get his girl (a.k.a. he’s just trying to film Love and Hip-Hop Hollywood).


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