We didn't initially believe it ourselves, but it's all true. Peter Pankey aka rapper Peter Gunz of "Deja Vu" and Love & Hip Hop fame, is indeed the new host of Cheaters.

Peter Gunz is not on Love & Hip Hop: New York regularly no more being a member an active member of the creep squad hopping back and forth between his baby mamas Amina and Tara. Now there is a rumor the ridiculously fertile reality star knocked up a 19-year-old girl with his eleventh child circulating […]

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Peter managed to find his way back in Amina's bed after all that talk about wanting to be with Tara.

Peter Gunz and Cisco attempt to reconcile one more time, Papoose is still grilling Remy for a baby, and more.

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The Creep Squad calls Cisco out on his shady behavior, Mendeecees' babymamas find out about Yandy's marriage bombshell, and more.

Love and Hip-Hop NY is back for its seventh yes you heard right seventh season!  This season looks to pick up right where the drama left off last season. Yandy makes her triumphant and she is trying to make peace with her husband Mendeecees baby mama for the sake of the kids. The creep squad […]

In a post-and-delete stunt, his most recent baby mama showed the world her straying hubby's goods.

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  There’s nothing wrong with bragging a little to your girlfriends about your man and what he does for you in the bedroom, but there’s no need to share that information with the entire world. Love & Hip Hop: New York star Amina Buddafly didn’t get that memo, though, and took to Instagram to share a photo of her man, Peter […]

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Cadi B and Peter Gunz make peace with each other, DJ Self gets caught up with questions about his love triangle, and more.

Peter, Amina and Tara's story line is far from entertaining and it's about time someone read him for filth.