Check out this hilarious video of Youtuber QPark picking up girls in a Romper LOL. Check it out below!  

It seems everyone has their way of trying to play the system, especially if a nice check could be involved.

Check out this Walmart employe who was flexing for the gram get caught mid flex by his boss LMAO!

Check out this hilarious video of youtuber Mega McQueen trying to pick up girls using Lyrics from Chief Keef.

It’s the last Christmas with President Obama and even Casey Affleck as Jesus LOL.  

Gucci Mane is back with another hit just in time for the holidays. This one’s called “St. Brick Intro”! Enjoy!  

Aretha Franklin performed a 5 minute retention of the National Anthem during the Lions Vs Vikings Thanksgiving game. This has to be the longest national anthem performance ever LOL. Check it out below!  

Plies says his homeboy called him the other day stressing about Donald Trump winning the 2016 Presidential election.  He says he isn’t stressing because God is his President.  

Being President is a tough job. It’s one of the only jobs where you get a new approval rating every day. Now that we have this thing called social media, the President gets hundreds of judgments every hour of every day, many of them unpleasant. For the second time, President Obama has agreed to read […]

Trump is cold-calling undecided voters, and the first one he talks to is Madea, but Madea isn’t feeling Trump’s Politics LOL.

Eddie Murphy was on Jimmy Kimmel Live recently and did one of the best Tracy Morgan’s impression.  Check it out below!