A New Jersey man broke up a street fight between two African-American teens and got praise from athletes including LeBron James on social media.

LeBron James is not shy when it comes to showing love to his wife, Savannah.

After all these years, Lebron and Savannah James are still going strong.

The athletic gear company is standing up to discrimination with the help of some of the best Black athletes of our generation.

StockX as mentioned on their website, “StockX is a real stock market- a live marketplace where buys place ‘Bids’ and sellers place ‘Asks.’ When a Bid and Ask match, the item is shipped.” Their newest top bidding item is a “LeBron 14 Out of Nowhere” sneaker. Here is what they have said about LeBron 14 Out of […]


Phil Jackson has been called out by a few celebs after his comments last month on LeBron James and his “posse.” The  New York Knicks President’s insensitive remarks were so offensive to James that even Jay Z called him out. On Thursday, Jackson finally addressed the backlash he received over his statements saying, “That’s a topic I’m […]

Loyalty is a trait reserved for real friends. And Jay Z has the loyalty trait. When NBA legend Phil Jackson referred to Lebron James friends as “posse”, it didn’t sit well with the black community. So it’s not surprising that he came for Phil’s “Posse” slug, while presenting Lebron the “Sports Person Of The Year […]


KKK leader William Hagen stabbed Richard Dillon during a “National Klonvocation” event in North Carolina on December 2.

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The negative effects of Donald Trump’s presidency continue to pour in, with many civilians and celebrities alike doing what they can to show their disapproval of the new president-elect. LeBron James is the latest celebrity to make his stance on Donald Trump known and it involves a boycott of any of his Trump-branded hotels. Basketball […]

LeBron James the outspoken leader of the 2015-2016 NBA champions Cleveland Cavaliers won’t be gracing any Trump Hotels in the foreseeable future. Bron and some of his Cavalier teammates will be breaking league protocol by refusing to stay in the Trump SoHo when the Cavs visit New York City to take on the Knicks. The move […]

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It’s always nice when celebrities make headlines for genuinely doing something positive and uplifting. Basketball superstar LeBron James is not only using his celebrity, but also his wealth, in a very inspiring way. The National Museum of African American History has a wonderful Muhammad Ali exhibit on display, however LeBron decided to make it even […]