Hair Styles

Find out how to achieve one of Springs' most popular trend

Wondering what hair style or cut to get the next time you head to the hair salon?  Well instead of flipping through millions of hair style magazines, check out the top 5 celeb hair style trends for 2012! Natural Hair- Natural Styles range from braids, afros, curls, or straightened with no chemicals. Bob Haircut– Sport […]

A natural hair style can hold its own, whether you’re caught in a summer rain, splashing in the pool, or racing through the sprinklers. There are many options for beating the summer heat and keeping your natural style in check. From braids to twists to curly freestyle, this summer’s natural hair styles offer simple looks […]

Have you ever wondered how to achieve singer Janelle Monae’s signature pompadour hair do? I know I have.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with this style, a pompadour is a hairstyle that is big on top and close to the head on the sides. This style originated in the mid-eighteenth century and has […]