The big question I’m always asked is JMac, “Why do you work out?” And the answer is always the same for me. It’s simple really. Perfection. Mind, body and soul is a goal rarely pursued and even more rarely achieved. Enough about me… I went to my gym to find out why people worked out […]

Check out this top 6 list of annoying people at the gym I got from youtuber, LandonProduction. 1.   The Grunter – people that make ridiculously loud grunts. 2.  The Inventor – a person who goes to the gym and invents new ways to work out. 3.  The Groupies – A group of homeboys that just hang […]


Had a fun time working out with my folks at Mean Green Training Facility this past week.  We talked to CW39 about our tops workout songs! Check it out!

Ever since Drake hit the music scene back in 2009, he’s had the reputation of being a ladies man- but now his body speaks for him before he even gets a chance to lyrically woo the women. The Back To Back rapper has been linked to everyone from Rihanna to Serena Williams, and we can’t blame the ladies for […]

Hip Hop 4 Health

Gym or dinner? If your choice is dinner, you need these motivational tips to get your sweat on.

The sandbell is a weight filled with sand, so you can to really use those muscles of yours to control this new workout equipment!

“How can I lose 10 lbs in five days?” That’s the number one question I get asked as a pro FitGirl. And the second question I am always asked is, “What should I eat before and after I work out?” Well since the first question is totally against my RAD girl beliefs,I am glad to […]

The summer’s here and my body still ain’t where I want it to be. The good news is…I learned that there are 7 foods that can help us get those Tyson Beckford & Kelly Rowland abs a little bit quicker. Thank me later (Grins;) One thing you can add to your diet are Egg Whites because they burn fat and […]

I love people watching and while I’m bit of a gym rat (by default boo, I work there) I have peeped some serious high school…

There’s nothing like working out to your favorite tunes to turn up your exercise routine — my personal faves are the most ratchet–Ying Yang Twins,…

So, I know its the new year and everyone’s buzzing about the new better self they’re looking to achieve. A big part of that is fitness, and becoming or maintaining health through exercise. You want to get in that exercise but those gym fees got you feelin’ like uhmm…when I get my money up then […]