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If you thought it couldn't get any better than metallic lipstick...

When Ryan Lochte accepted his medal for the men’s 400-meter IM event on Saturday, instead of flashing proud pearly whites, he dazzled cameras with a patriotic sparkling grill.  He out flashed his olympic medal with a grill made by Houston’s own, Paul Wall & Johnny Dang. Paul also offered free grillz to the U.S. Olympic […]


H-Town rappers like Paul Wall showcased the teeth grillz movement in Houston Texas and it became a worldwide phenomenon. Nelly, Diddy, Kanye and even Lil Wayne were rocking teeth grillz as a apart of their swag! So how does a grill teeth make you feel? Will I feel like a rap star when I put […]


What do you think is on the #HouXmasList ? Go to our Twitter @979TheBox and tell us. Meanwhile enjoy @DaBoiGenius trying to do the popular GRILLED OUT TEXAS ACCENT. Lol “Murrrr Christmus BayBuh” [ooyala 14bzg2MzowtUrpErgwQfOr77jdgNAD83 425 239 0 nolink] Here are 5 More ICED OUT MOMENTS in Hip Hop Texas Slang Pt.1 – Paul Wall […]