A father and son duo from Syracuse has landed themselves in hot water...or hot oil.

Chipotle sales have drastically plummeted since the E. Coli outbreak returned and spread for the third time.


Walmart, which sells the boxed pies for $3.48, told Yahoo News that the store sold one pie per second during a 72 hour period over the weekend.

A Michigan restaurant owner is offering anyone who is alone on Thanksgiving a free meal for the day. Restaurant owner of George’s Senate, George Dimopoulos said, “The reason I do this is because I was alone one time. I remember the good times and bad times.” George is from Greece and when he was barely […]

Our favorite Mexican kinda-sorta-fast-food-restaurant Chipotle is closing down 43 of its restaurants in Oregon and Washington after 22 cases of E. Coli were linked to the popular spot.

Just a day after news broke that meat may contain cancer-causing carcinogens, vegetarians aren't escaping the fervor unscathed.

Well, everyone’s childhood dream is (sorta) coming true, as General Mills is releasing limited-edition marshmallow-only boxes.

It’s been a pretty tough month for Subway, with its most famous spokesman being arrested on child porn charges and now living out foot-long eaters’ worst nightmare. Instead of getting jalapeños or banana peppers, one Subway customer in Oregon got a dead mouse in his sandwich. The unlucky guy, Jay Armstead, found a dripping wet mouse sandwiched between […]

Let's just say, everyone who eats the burger gets a special treat afterwards, and not in the way you'd think.

If you’re not from Texas than you need to take some notes about this one! Travis Erwin of the Wide Open Country did his list of what he considers the best eats for Barbecue in Texas. He said that doing a top 10 list just wasn’t good enough, he had to give us his top […]