Starbucks is my go-to for my daily coffee fix, so when I read yesterday they were releasing a new flavor for the fall season I had to find out more. Apparently the new flavor is inspired by cereal milk and is called the Toasted Graham Latte (Golden Grahams anyone?). Plus there are more cereal inspired […]

Hey guys we had a chance to have some fun in the kitchen with award-winning executive chef Art Smith. He has not only been a personal day-to-day chef for celebrities, he is also co-owner of several restuarants and the recipient of culinary’s highest awards. He has made it a point to share some knowledge on […]

Employees of Flavor Flav‘s Chicken say their paychecks are bouncing all over town, but Flav says the disgruntled people are just “jealous” and want him out of town. A number of people told WQAD in Clinton, IA they couldn’t cash their checks, with one being for only $150. One employee claims she even went to […]