Megan Thee Stallion turns H-Town Foxy Brown for her brand new video for “Realer,”. The lead track from her Fever album features the H-Town Hottie in fire red hair looking more and more like a blaxploitation goddess turned rap queen. Whoever Ill Will Jackson is, he’s probably going to find out the hard way why you don’t […]

Real Hot Girl Sh*t happened in Houston. Megan Thee Stallion not only celebrated her first ever BET Award nomination, thee Stallion and Spotify teamed up to have an entire Hottie Ranch in celebration of her debut album Fever. Cowboy hats, cactuses, bras hanging from the ceiling and more. Imagine the wildest cowboy party of your […]

Twenty-four hours before her debut album hits streaming services, Megan Thee Stallion drops a brand new single. Teaming up with “Big Ole Freak” producer Lil Dru for another heater, the H-Town Hottie drops “Realer,” boldly proclaiming that she ain’t listening to the critics. And no, she ain’t in the mood to fly out somewhere just […]