Check out this motivational video explaining the importance of sacrificing. It is a collage of motivational speakers explaining how important sacrifices, time management, and taking advantages of opportunities.

It’s yo boy J Mac checking in and check out this message from my boy E.T.The Hip Hop Preacher.  He wants you to not let your problems consume you because “storms come & go”.

It’s ya boy J Mac and I just want you to know that i’m Allergic to average and you can be to.  Check out this motivational video from the homie, E.T. The Hip Hop Preacher!

The difference between successful people and those that want to be is not that they are prettier, smarter or have more resources at they’re disposal – though all of that might help – it’s the ability to follow through. It’s saying what you’re going to do and then doing what you say to make it […]

The homie E.T., aka Eric Thomas, explains why you have to pass on some opportunities to get to your true passion.  Check out this motivational video below!

It’s yo boy J Mac checking and check out this motivational decision making video from the homie Eric Thomas, AKA E.T., The Hip Hop Preacher.  In this video E.T. explains that leaving his regular 9 to 5 was one of the best decisions he could have made in his life and took him from “Good To […]

Today’s #BBW, Box Blessing Wednesdays, came from motivational speaker ET The Hip Hop Preacher.  You can follow ET On Twitter @Ericthomasbtc  Instagram @ETTheHipHopPreacher and here’s a link to his website also so you can stay up to date on what he has going on.  

It’s yo boy J Mac checking in and this is one of the videos I can watch at any given time to keep me motivated.  It’s no other than my boy’s E.T. The Hip Hop Preachers video on Focusing.  Check it out below!  

  Check out my Motivational Monday pick of the week.  It’s a clip from Dr. Eric Thomas “You Owe You” speech where he talks about the culture of winning and loosing.  Check it out!

“You have to want it as bad as you wanna breathe”!  These are some words I live by!  Check out this motivational video from my homie E.T., AKA Eric Thomas The Hip Hop preacher, it will have you motivated!

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