Domestic Violence Awareness

This is a special segment of Access Houston. We have the founder of S.M.O.O.O.T.H., and mother of Houston Texans Wide Receiver, DeAndre Hopkins, the courageous and resilient Sabrina Greenlee. With last month being Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we wanted to tackle the issue with Ms. Greenlee. She tells her story of surviving an abusive relationship […]

If you ask Sabrina Greenlee if she’s ever seen her son catch those ridiculous passes on Sundays in the NFL, she will tell you she hasn’t. She’s in the stands every Sunday but Greenlee has never watched her son, NFL All-Pro DeAndre Hopkins catch a single NFL pass. That’s because a vicious attack when Hopkins […]

Kerry wants to raise awareness on the main reason why women don't walk away from abusive relationships.

According to the Domestic Violence Research Center, one in four women have experienced physical violence by a partner, and 74 percent of Americans personally know someone…


On October 5th, 2013, Face My Abuse Organization brought out celebrity guest speakers who have survived domestic violence. Face My Abuse had speakers such as…