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DaBaby is looking real funny in the light right now.

The couple welcomed their first child together in August and in subsequent social media posts, fans became privy to their relationship or lack thereof.

The latest comparison for Joe comes months after he initially called DJ Khaled the modern-day version of Quincy Jones.

The lavish, high-art event was no doubt another major stage production, but some are wondering why West invited weirdo rocker Marilyn Manson and rapper of questionable stances DaBaby onstage.

At first, DaBaby appeared ready to die on his homophobic hill, but it seems a series of fumbled bags has provided clearer insight into the damage that can occur when keeping it rude goes wrong.

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One bag at a time, DaBaby has seen his show bookings dry up as backlash over his rant at Rolling Loud Miami continues to draw harsh criticism and stern consequences.

It's been about a week since DaBaby went full homophobe from the Rolling Loud Miami stage, and the repercussions continue. On Sunday morning (August 1), the Lollapalooza Music Festival announced that the North Carolina rapper would no longer be performing on the day's bill.

DaBaby keeps racking up the L's after he took to Instagram to claim he didn't know who Questlove was after The Roots drummer and producer condemned him for his homophobic comments made at Rolling Loud Miami earlier in the week, joining other notable musicians such as Dua Lipa and Sir Elton John.

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Lil Boosie, Tory Lanez and T.I. are on the wrong side of history, and Black Twitter is letting them have it. The trio of problematic artists have decided to defend the actions of DaBaby that have been widely regarded as homophobic.

BoohooMAN drops DaBaby after his controversial, homophobic and stigmatized HIV/AIDS comments hit the internet.

After DaBaby unleashed a horribly misguided and homophobic rant during his set at Rolling Loud Miami, T.I. hopped into the bozo ring to support his fellow height-challenged rapper.