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Twitter Reacts To Megan Thee Stallion & DaBaby Going At Each Other

Source: Johnny Nunez / Getty

Megan Thee Stallion and DaBaby’s work relationship plus friendship is over, and Twitter is happy.

Over the weekend, things got spicy between the Houston and North Carolina rappers after he released his “Skat” record featuring miniature Canadian singer/rapper Tory Lanez, the man who allegedly shot Megan The Stallion during a dispute last summer. According to XXL, things fell apart between Thee Stallion and her “work husband” after allegedly retweeting a tweet that made light of the shooting situation between the “Thot Sh*t” crafter and Lanez.

When it comes to Thee Stallion, her fans, mainly the Hotties, don’t play and immediately called out DaBaby for his social media antics. He claimed it was all cap stating that the retweet was unintentional, “and tried to delete it and undo the retweet Twitter didn’t let me.”

Nothing gets past Megan Thee Stallion. She chimed in on social media, calling out the DaBaby while not mentioning him, specifically pointing out how he supports her in private but moves differently in public. She also expressed people calling the situation with Tory a “beef” and to “stop downplaying it like it’s some internet shit for likes and retweets.”

DaBaby responded to Megan, telling her that “you done let these folks get the best of you,” and that he “got no bad energy” for her. Megan fired back, telling DaBaby that her “stance hasn’t changed at all’ saying his has, and they spoke about this in private, sharing that he told her he wouldn’t even promote the song in question.

DaBaby responded, telling Megan Thee Stallion that he was trying to mind his business and the back and forth between them while claiming he still loved Thee Stallion.

Unfortunately, it didn’t end there because Megan’s boo, Pardison Fontaine, had some words for the “BOP” rapper accusing him of going back on his word and telling him to never speaking to his lady again.

DaBaby laughed off Pardi’s online threat, which only added more fuel to fire, drawing numerous responses from him.

It wouldn’t be a social media moment if Twitter didn’t have anything to say and the consensus on the matter is they are happy DaBaby won’t be on anymore Megan Thee Stallion records.

You can peep all of the reactions in the gallery below.

Photo: Johnny Nunez / Getty

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