Criminal Justice Reform

This segment of Access Houston we welcome Mr. Thaddeus Tolbert. Thaddeus wrote a book called, “#GHETTO The Inner City Blues” where he’s talking about his life growing up in 3rd Ward, TX. We talk about mental health in the black community, utilizing your voice, social norms, and changing for the better. Our next conversation is […]

This segment of Access Houston we have Dav Lewis, the founder of 2nd Chances.Life, along with Judge Darrell Jordan & Judge Dasean Jones. The gentlemen come on to talk about 2nd Chances.Life and who they are, the upcoming community event on November 23rd at the Buffalo Soldiers Museum. We’re talking bail reform, criminal justice reform, […]

New York City's mayor ignores prison reform activists and plans renovation of controversial prison complex.

Glenn Martin, a former Rikers inmate and advocate for criminal justice reform, has continually made the effort to have Rikers Island closed.

Elliott Earl Williams' tragic death in an Oklahoma jail cell represents a damning indictment of the criminal justice system's treatment of not just Black men, but the mentally ill and U.S. veterans.

As President Barack Obama prepares to leave office, NewsOne takes a look at some of his most impressive wins.

John Legend addresses crime in America and how the Prez can continue helping...

Obama plans on implementing regulations that would lower the amount of child support that prisoners pay when they’re behind bars, hopefully reducing a major driver of mass incarceration.

Keith Lamont Scott was shot in the back, the abdomen and the wrist by officers from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department.

President Obama commuted the sentences of 102 nonviolent federal drug offenders. The president plans to continue commuting the sentences of low-level offenders until his term ends.

"For too long policy makers have chosen to play politics with prime-policy by enacting so-called tough on crime slogans and soundbites." – Congressman Bobby Scott

The bill will be introduced to the Senate and if it passes, will be signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo.