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The internet went crazy when Beyonce debuted her new short do! Some hate it, some love it but could King Bey also be unsure about her hair style? Recently the Carters were spotted on a Miami vacation and instead of rocking her new cut, Beyonce had on a blonde bob wig with a woven head […]

Almost any hair color looks fabulous on Nicki Minaj! But which one looks the best? Over the course of a few years Nicki Minaj has…

There are thousands of Black hair styles available to African-American women regarding how to tame, tease, and tend to our tresses. We discuss some different African-American hairstyles below and welcome your comments on the sexy Black hairstyles you’ve rocked! Natural Hairstyle Forgoing relaxers to wear locs, coils or twists are hairstyles that are easier on […]

Cassie debuted a new hairdo this weekend. Now she’s got a blonde bob. Check it out: