Black History Month

Here are five examples of prominent African Americans who are making Black history by continuously breaking barriers.

On this segment of Access Houston we welcome back Henry Keculah, founder of 4.0 GPA, and first timer on the show, Judge Bill Littlejohn. Henry and Judge Littlejohn are here on behalf of the Houston International Trade Development Council and the Liberian Association of Greater Houston to talk to us about Point of Return Liberia: […]

First, let me start off by saying, there isn’t just one way to be Black. Black comes in many different forms, lifestyles, shades and personalities. But in the African American community, we often joke about someone not being Black enough or someone being too Black. And let’s not forget how tricky it can be for […]

All Black History Month, we are celebrating The Timeline of Progress, chronicling the advancement of African-American men and women in regards to civil rights, politics, sports and locally in our own communities. Today, we spotlight Judson Robinson III, a third-generation activist for the city of Houston. The current CEO of the Houston Area Urban League sits down […]

Even though most of us celebrate being Black all day, every day — tis’ the season to honor our people publicly and unapologetically. It’s officially Black History Month, the 28 days out of the year when the entire country realizes that Black people invented everything useful in the world, contributed to society in the most […]

This Black History Month is the perfect time to brush up on social justice terms, as the fight for criminal justice reform is still in full swing.

Don’t let modern society trick you into believing that our community’s achievements should not be celebrated year-round. With February aka Black History Month upon us, we look to keep a bright spotlight on some of our kings and queens from what some would call the golden era of pro sports (and some “amateurs,” too). When […]

  With Black History Month is literally around the corner, Target has dropped a new apparel line celebrating everything that is excellent, amazing and beautiful about who we are as African-Americans. Even better? There’s something for everybody and it’s super affordable, so you won’t have to worry that two or three items will make you […]

From blackface governers to Jussie Smollett, there's a lot to learn.

On this segment of Access Houston we welcome back Ms. Debra McGaughey from Houston Community College to talk about the HCC Black History Scholarship Gala featuring Joe Carmouche. We also talk about how students benefits at HCC, as well as, the importance of high education. Our next conversation is with the founder and CEO of […]

Brother Deric Muhammad has emerged as a staple in Houston mainly due to his community efforts and outreach. As a member of the Nation of Islam, he found pillars in teachers scubas The Hon. Elijah Muhammad and Dr. Louis Farakkhan. But also men like Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey and Muhammad Ali. It’s why for his efforts […]